Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Me without you is like ..

What's me without you ?

I've found my world and there's only you in it,
Fell in love in just 1 minute,
Always and forever i'll be true,
Because what's you without me? 
What's me without you?

It's like night with out it's moon,
Summer without it's sun,
Stopping a flower from blooming when it's almost done.

It's like Dalmatians with out spots,
Piglet with out pooh,
It's like Dori not being in Nemo,
That's me with out you!

It's like romeo telling Juliet he just doesn't care... 

So imagine what we would be if we had never met? your one thing in my life I wont regret,

Your my sun, your my moon shining on me no matter what I'm going through,

You make me so happy with just one touch...

Ask yourself... did you ever think a girl could love you so much?